About Lackawanna Markets

COVID-19 may have changed our world drastically, but our spirit of creativity and community is stronger than ever here in Lackawanna County!

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Anthracite Events and the Lackawanna County Arts and Culture Department launched a new local online shopping initiative in June of 2020. With online shopping up over a record 200% we wanted to ensure our local creative and small businesses throughout North East Pennsylvania (NEPA) could be part of this movement. We offered affordable through social media, radio, television, billboards. print advertising & interviews and showcases of individual businesses.

Although we are in a virtual space, we have the same goal to bring people to “your booth” or business! Over 10,000 people stopped by the tent in one weekend, and we now have seen over 45,000 people to our website within the first 6 months!

The creative and small business community is one of the keys to our resilience and recovery during this new reality. Lackawanna county and Anthracite events recommitted to offering resources and low-cost marketing to our NEPA creative and small business

We are so excited to be out in the real world for the 2021 Winter Market in 2021. But online shopping is only going to continue to rise and we want to bring attention, awareness and support to our NEPA businesses in 2021 and give them the small business support they need.

LackawannaMarkets.com is a unique opportunity to show gratitude and love by showcasing the artists, small businesses and creatives who make NEPA the vibrant, special place it is!

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