Art by Allison LaRussa

Art by Allison LaRussa
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Allison LaRussa is an artist residing in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She has exhibited over 100 collections through various mediums, including acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, mixed media, and recycled items. Allison was recognized as Best Local Visual Artist in 2016 and 2017, as well as Northeast Woman in 2021. LaRussa finds immense healing and therapy through her creative process, and believes there is an artist within all of us. In 2021, LaRussa also published her first poetry book, “Within.” Her work is heavily influenced and inspired by the female body, nature, travel, spirituality, and connection with others. LaRussa immerses herself in the beauty of all emotions, feelings and experiences. She explores her “inner child” and often uses her bare hands to complete her paintings, drawing upon the rawness and grit that encompasses her daily life.

Allison offers a large variety of products, including landscape and nature inspired paintings, Scranton and Dunmore memorabilia, ornaments and other original unique home decor!

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  • Custom ornaments! Please feel free to commision a unique and sentimental image with me for a loved one!
  • "self-love" ornaments: basking in all the beauty that you are.

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