Chronically Crocheted

Chronically Crocheted
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Plushies/Amigurumi: Any animal, any color, no request is too crazy!
Pop it animals: a fun alternative that make for a little “play”. The heads are left unstuffed so the head pops up and down on the body!
Holiday Animals: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter! These animals can be themed to holidays, if you don’t see a holiday ask if it’s possible!
Loveys/Baby Safe Animals: loveys are security blankets, the bodies are left unstuffed perfect for little hands to hold. Any animal can be made baby safe which means the eyes are safe for under 3 years old!
Medical Aid Animals: all medical aid animals are custom made.
•You chose the animal, main color and up to 3 accent colors (depending on the animal), and add ons.
•Minimum 30% Deposit Required before the animal will be started
•Current Add ons I have available (if you don’t see something listed please ask!)
~Any Color Awareness Ribbon small or large (you can see an example of the small size on the green bear with two feeding tubes, and an example of the large ribbon on the Large Brown bear with the red and green awareness ribbons (both large) NOTE: large ribbons can include up to 6 letters embroidered, small ribbons can hold up to 4 letters
~Spoon (for spoonies/the spoon theory)
~Heart Beat (example in last picture)
~Nasal Feeding tubes (secured with tubie tape to match the real thing!)
~Surgical feeding tubes (with tubie pad to match the real thing!)
~Dexcom, libre, and other glucose/diabetic monitors
~Wheelchairs (at an additional cost)
~Afo Braces, kafo braces, cervical collar, other support braces
~Limb difference/Limb loss
~Forearm crutches (limited to what they can fit on)
~Service Dogs
~Ostomies (stoma) and ostomy bags
~Picc line, Port, Broviac, Hickman. (Any central lines)
~Hearing Aids
~Peripheral Ivs

PLEASE do not copy or heavily reproduce my creations, I have worked extremely hard to get to this point and make my dream a reality, creating these animals for kids is all I have and I’ve worked hard to make it possible. Please be creative in your own ideas and do not copy me, instead share my work and help me share it with other people.

My goal is for everyone to feel seen. It’s very easy to find breast cancer merch, or shirts saying cancer warrior or autoimmune representation merch, but not for rare diseases. Kids (and anyone) with rare diseases often see nothing that resembles them, you can’t find an animal with a feeding tube at Walmart or even Amazon, just because it’s rare doesn’t mean we don’t want to have something that looks like us. Everyone deserves a chance to have something like them and that is my goal, so please don’t take that away from me by copying my creations. Big corporations will never have troubles making sales, but small businesses work everyday to share their items, create everything by hand, and do all the behind the scenes work all while managing the product and making it.

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  • Chronically Crocheted

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