Hand & Foot Remastered

Hand & Foot Remastered
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We are Kim and Bill. A husband and wife team sharing the game we love from our base in Lakeville PA. We learned Hand & Foot over 20 years ago and have taught it to everyone we know ever since. While everyone gets, and loves, the game eventually, we wanted to make it easy to learn and even more enjoyable to play without changing the way you play the game. Long-time players have told us we've done just that. By making cards specifically for Hand & Foot we are making the best card game ever even more accessible. The best part? You can still use your house rules if you prefer. Plus, you can play in teams or singles and with 3 - 8 players it is perfect for large families and game nights.

The point of this card game is simple. Collect cards to earn points while discarding cards to end the round. The player with the most points at the end wins.

How you choose to play is not as simple. No matter how you play, this fun and competitive game is never the same twice.

Our beautifully designed, Linen Finish, Bridge-sized cards are crafted with high-quality paper and created specifically for Hand & Foot to make this addictive game:

- Easy to learn with no more needless suits or confusing terminology

- Easy to keep score with card values on the face of the cards

- Easy to separate decks with the back of each deck a different color

- Even more enjoyable to play than with old fashioned playing cards

Available in:
Our original design 4 or 8 Player Editions
Our 8 player Team Play Edition featuring large print

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  • Hand & Foot Remastered
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