illumia skin care products

illumia skincare products
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illumia is a local women owned enterprise and our mission is to design and produce skin care products whose value derives from quality versus products which rely on long shelf life and high profile marketing. We are devoted to healing and beautifying your body’s largest organ; skin. We strive to package in materials that our customers can upcycle and thus minimize the carbon footprint. As we grow, our goal is to focus on community enrichment especially as it impacts women.

Our philosophy at illumia, is to keep it local, fresh, simple and healthy. In fact, I grow and gather many of the botanicals from which we make essential oils and infusions and source locally whenever possible.

Our products are so clean and simple you could eat any of them (but don’t, they are much better enjoyed when applied topically!)

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  • winter scrub featuring coffee, cardamom and cinnamon
  • lavender shea butter made with english and spanish lavender
  • serum formulated with hyaluronic and polyglutamic acid, vit B3 and more
  • foot serum with therapeutic 40% urea and Tea Tree Oil
  • clay balm cleanser mildly exfoliating and cleansing

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