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We specialize in honey wine (mead), apple, and maple wines using real fruit/spices and other ingredients from local growers. Our offerings run from very traditional, to experimental – serious wines for that formal dinner, fun ones to be shared with friends. Traditional meads highlight sophisticated honey notes and modern styles with coffee, lavender, vanilla, peppers, hops, whiskey barrel aging, etc. We are NEPA's only "PA Preferred" Winery as we are sourcing most of our ingredients from growers in the state.

We strive to make world class wine using Pennsylvanian harvested ingredients in our small urban winery in Dunmore, PA.

The largest mead selection in NEPA. Over 25 styles of award-winning mead. Dry, off dry, semisweet, sweet, dessert style - we have a wine for you! Seasonal releases. We offer dry and semi dry artisan ciders from apples grown by local orchards and made one a year during harvest. On occasion we make a sweet maple syrup wine and select grape wine varieties too! We are a "PA Preferred" winery, sourcing almost all our ingredients from PA growers.

(570) 504-5758
419 S Blakely St
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  • Award winning seasonal releases
  • Unique meads made with locally sourced ingredients.
  • Nationally recognized for quality
  • Come and sample
  • Over 30 varieties of wine
  • Over 30 varieties of wine
  • What's your preference? Sweet or dry, we got it.
  • Proudly made in a 100 year old building in Dunmore.

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