The Big G Organic Farm

The Big G Organic Farm
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We are a family farm that started with 2 small goats in 2009. Since then, we have continued to grow and add new product lines. We sell items such as lotions, lip balm, organic deodorant and most recently a shampoo bar. Everything is made with organic ingredients to include the goat's milk. When we purchased our present farm, we decided to get certified as an organic farm. This took time and was costly, but it has been worth it. We only feed our animals certified organic hay and hand mixed organic grain.

Now, besides our original products we offer organic lamb and goat meat, brown eggs and duck eggs. We will be shearing our sheep and alpacas in the spring; this wool will be used to make items for our family and for sale in our farm store.
We are proud of our products and how far we have come in a relatively short period of time; we plan to continue to grow and add new products to our line. Come and visit us on the farm, walk through the store, try some organic vegetables in season, and spend time with the animals, who love the company!

From Tom, Eunha, Amy and Jenny, we hope you become not just a customer but a friend that we look forward to seeing. Thank you!

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